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Why is TWS so popular?

2022/8/19 10:03:09

¡¡¡¡First of all, let's talk about the wired headset market. According to industry statistics and professional market research institutions, the wired headset market is over 100 billion dollars every year! And with the support of TWS technology, you can say goodbye to all kinds of wired headphones that are constantly cut and unclear-when you enjoy music, you don't need cables not only between the media source and headphones, but also between the left and right earphones! These years' embarrassment caused by headphone cable will finally become history. And I believe that with the upgrading and upgrading of TWS technology, there will be a greater breakthrough in the field of acoustic noise reduction, and once the whole TWS industry volume breaks through, the cost of chips and solutions will drop. Now, the overall solution cost of the lowest TWS on the market is about 60 yuan dollars (according to the most rubbish solution, the cost is there, so those TWS in the dozen or twenty thirties are mostly castrated or fake). It is expected that in the next two to three years, TWS